Feet & Inches Calculator

Easy-to-use tool for calculating feet & inches values! 

Allows you to combine feet & inches with decimal values - all in the same calculation!

Great tool for both construction professionals and do-it-yourselfers!

Available for Android and iPhone/iPad!

Reasons to Have Feet & Inches Calculator

  • No Conversion Needed
    • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide feet & inches and decimal values without converting

  • Multiple Display Options
    • Display answers in either Feet & Inches mode, Decimal mode, or Both!

  • Flexible Precision
    • Calculation accuracy from 1/128th of an inch to 0 partial inches

Common Uses of Feet & Inches Calculator

  • Quickly finds the midpoint of feet & inches values
  • Converts values from feet & inches to Decimal mode; or vice versa
  • Assists construction professionals when civil drawings are in decimal, but architectural drawings are in feet & inches





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